Since January 20, the official initiation of Donald Trump (70) as the 45th President of the United States of America, the discourses about his political choices are hot. His entrance boycott for seven Muslim nations stunned individuals around the world. German big names are additionally influenced.

Seven nations have put Donald Trump on his preclusion list: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Whoever has a travel permit of these countries will now be permitted to enter the United States. On his Facebook page, mediator Jan Böhmermann (35) brings up that a large number of German nationals are influenced by this declaration: “Very nearly 75,000 German nationals, ie German (with a German travel permit, many conceived here thus), have necessary since Iran , The nation of their folks and grandparents, they would not give them access to the nation (or in light of the fact that they were conceived in Iran) an Iranian visa. ” These incorporate, among others, entertainer Enissa Amani (33), rapper Azad, columnist Golineh Atai or performer Jasmin Tabatabai (49).

Jan Böhmermann has given clear words to Donald Trumps: “This control of the orange-shaded mental case with the little hands is bigot mediation, brutal and foul play, and it is reality.” According to Spiegel Online, Angela Merkel (62) likewise said that she additionally dismisses Trumps’ choice.